Stylist 101

1:40 am

"Become Renaissance Woman"

Time: 11:48 pm

Location: My little brother's room

Dress: Pyjamas

Current Activity: gawking at the final photographs and unreal 70's gorgeousness of the models from the STYLIST 101 program I signed up to do, as a final farewell to the city that is Cape Town (well at least until next year), and perhaps less dramatic welcome to the elusive underground scene that is the SA fashion industry.
I deferred my exams to January. Figured I should fill the educational gap in my engineering life, with a few lessons in the, until then much neglected, fashion end of the spectrum.

Mimi and Mimi styled by Fifi. lol. Sounds ridiculous. But true it remains nonetheless.

The brief: 70's Denim. 
The limits: a single rack of clothing and absolutely no high waisted flared jeans in sight. Darn. But whatever. Did my best. Bought a R10 bandana and whipped up some 'Diana Ross at Coachella-esque', 'Daphne from Scooby Doo on Safari' results. What do you think?

The 70's trend is sweeping the universe. Like in a big way. Think flowy kimonos, paisley prints, wide brim hats, tassles, laced up tops, giant sunnies, clogs, peasant blouses, button down skirts, neck ties, the flared pant (will die when I eventually find a nice pair that fits me). Lots of brown. The list is pretty long. The stores are pretty full in terms of stocking the nostalgic gear, so yeah. Here we are. Doing that thing we like to do and referring to the ghosts of fashion's past to feel cool again. Think music fest boho types from LA and you'll get the picture.

Back to styling.

Future Rachel Zoe in the making? haha only if plans for Future Fifi work out.

What are these plans you might ask?


Future Fifi is kind of a blogger, stylist, fashion writer extraordinaire... Perhaps with her own line someday.

Oh yeah and she's a boss ass civil engineer, building mind blowing bridges and structures and landmark type beauties.

Somewhat of a renaissance woman, like Da Vinci (or Margaret Zhang lol)- stretching and contorting and honing each brain side in her pursuit of well rounded radness in a world that no longer purports the idea of singular skill sets and limited 'one lane' careers.

I have this framed sticky note on my dorm room desk (looks better than it sounds). It says "become renaissance woman", so yeah, I guess that's what Future Fifi is all about.

In the mean time, I'll leave you to stare at Mimi and Mimi's faces while I figure all this out, redraft my holiday study schedule (again) and desperately try to think Sciency thoughts.


Styled by: Refiloe Mokgele
Models: Mimi and Mimi (D&A Model Management)
Photography: Gavin Van den Berg
All Clothing: Cotton On
Make-up: H2Tmakeupschool

With Great Thanks to Cara-Lee Ruditzky for imparting invaluable knowledge about the styling world and fashion journalism industry. Oh, and for pulling all of thisss together.

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