Deadbeat Summer

11:53 am

"Days of Dafifz"

Dezembah! A time for non stop partying and no obligations and freedom to explore all aspects of my creativity and blog like 2 times a day!


I deferred exams.

I deferred exams because of the protest action on campus. Because of the overwhelming sense of panic and confusion roughly painted over with a "everything's fine" brush that failed to cover up the weird fog that floated everywhere. The stark contrast of hearts. Of kids anxiously staring at books in dorms of half deserted residences while other kids desperately continued on in a war that was losing soldiers on a daily basis while simultaneously being painted with another brush- the kind they use to paint villains.
Some people pushed through, and are now reaping the benefits of the summer vac.
I opted not to.
So yeah.
I don't regret my decision. Much to the dismay of the rents. Mom even went to the extent of saying I "broke her heart" *rolls eyes*.

So here I am. Kinda feeling guilty for blogging right now.

Gallivanting has been reduced to maybe a tenth of what it could have been, hence the title of this post. Haha tres melancholy, woe is me blah blah blah...

I did go to an instawalk recently though. In town.

What's an instawalk, Fifi?

Well I'll tell ya

Photograph by Cara Richmond 

Also commonly referred to as an 'instameet', people who like taking pictures of stuff and people get together in rad locations and walk around doing that thing they like. Created to bring photography enthusiasts together to (insta)meet and (insta)walk and like increase their chances of becoming (insta)famous. Lot's of 'instas' and large cameras and smart phones and iced coffee.

Still trying to decide if it's my scene, but I totally appreciate the concept and 'let's be creative for fun' ideals.

"Lot's of 'instas' and large cameras and smart phones and iced coffee."

It's always kinda funny coz Jemma and I usually seem to be the only fashion bloggers at these things, posing awkwardly in front of interesting walls while other people take pictures of other things haha. I'm struggling to believe we're the only fashion bloggers that also dig photography. Kinda feel like the 'bloggersphere' is a bit (read: a lot) more competitive, with people only revealing themselves upon releasing their fire flame emoji 'totes original' content.
Surely the streetstyle community should be focused more on pushing the boundaries and creating and curating fashion culture together, instead of copping the most likes and followers? I don't know there just seems to be a stronger sense of agreed upon camaraderie and  willingness to help each other out in the photographer scene. 

tbh I feel like the majorly cliquey, inaccessible wall that is the fashion world is holding back a lot of creativity and opportunities to grow and really cultivate what modern South African fashion means.
Perhaps the 'one day you're in, next day you're out' motto of the industry perpetuates the unwillingness to let go of any fashion clout one might posses, in the fear that it might be copied, made better by another?
I seriously don't get it actually. Maybe someone can explain it for me.

I just imagine a fashion future where the Young Ones are all together roaming the streets, smashing stereotypes of style, killing conventions of fashion photography and making up like 80% of the population at these instawalks- as a united force, a rebellion against former normalizations set by the old ones.

Haha I guess FashSoc is my way of trying to create this fashion future (or ode to fashion past where the the punk kids ruled the streets). There are other kids out there doing similar things and I salute them.

There isn't really a way to link the stuff I've been saying except maybe the fact that they've all given me some sense of frustration...

"trying to create this fashion future"

Deadbeat Summer.
Sweltering heat.
Hence the one piece.

Photography by Jemma Richmond

Outfit Details

Playsuit: Topshop

Chuck Taylor sneakers: Converse

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