Cool Kid: Farai Engelbrecht

11:23 pm

"Asked the artist a bunch of questions"

There is something about this kid Farai. It's very difficult to grasp and equally if not more difficult to explain. lol I'm even struggling now to string some reasonably descriptive words together to form a sort of image of him for you to see. Let me try. 


Farai is... uh... Farai is raw and alive, and lowkey but social, and sincere yet detached and a stoner artist student boy with a cool afro with shaved sides. Essentially, he is a mindfuck of a person who is both bluntly honest about the way he lives and highly mysterious in terms of the way his mind works.  Kinda had an image of him dressed in a faded denim dungaree before he stepped out his res in a green parka and a camo print 'spoti' (Random black bandana tied around his calf). He looked pretty cool.
So, yeah, we spent about an hour walking through Obz trying to find interesting walls and car-less streets and decent light and I had 23 random questions. I can't say I've come any closer to figuring him out, but hey, here are some of the answers he had for me nonetheless...

1. describe your aesthetic in three words

(we keep walking down the street, following him as he tries to find the word) 

...Haha you've stumped me on the first question
(more walking)
... I can't think of the word... 


2. Fave Cartoon?

Dragon Ball Z

3. Pros and cons about CPT?

Cons: Colonialism, Classism  
Pros: Open-mindedness

4. If you could wear one colour forever what would it be?

5. What do you judge other people on ?

Their moral standards... If we really have to judge people.

"I don't exist in the present moment."

6. You have lots of vintage stuff, why?

Coz I don't exist in the present moment.

7.What does it mean to be young and black right now?

Angry. Categorized. Limited. In a position of opportunity.

8. How important is art in the revolution?

But it can only come after.

 9. 3 favourite musicians? 

King Krule, Bob Marley, Kendrick Lamar
(anyone who has King Krule in their list of top 5 favourite artists is automatically cool in my eyes)

10. What is the meaning of life?

Self discovery.

11. Best movie to watch ever?

uhh..Pulp Fiction!

12. What do you think of your peers?

Lol, that they don't like me secretly, haha all of them.

13. What's a day like at Hiddingh? 

(that's where the UCT art school is)

Categorized into small insignificant events that mean too much to too many people.

14. What/Who's your fashion inspiration?

ASAP Rocky, Kanye West... basically anyone who has ingenuity. 

15. Who is your favourite artist and why?

William Kentridge. He is the first artist to introduce me to the concept of unlearning.

16. What does the world look like to you, post revolution?

It still goes on about its normal events. On a large scale, the revolution is not important.

17. 3 things you'd take on a deserted island?

haha weed seeds, a very very very sharp knife and a box of matches.

18. Fave art medium?


19. Why would someone be your friend?

You've successfully added to my growth and I acknowledge you respectfully.

20. What is fashion to you?

Ever changing identity
Who you wanna be on the day
Who you wanna hide on the day

21. One thing you'd change about yourself?

(lol I don't even know why I asked this question)

22.  3 things you'd tell 12 year old Farai?

- Keep getting attached so you can denounce attachment.
- Remember self affirmation.
- Accomplish self love before you get to high school.

23. What do you think about the youth fashion culture in SA?

85% of it makes me want to vomit.
The other 10%, self reflect
and the with the last 5% of people, I'd like to move into a house and start a small community.

Ok so like Farai does this thing where after having chatted with him for a while you go away feeling like you ain't living right and that your whole life is a lie. He is just so 'himself' and admirably unbothered by anything else. That's why he defs deserves to be an All Zuri cool kid. 

So yeah. Thanks Farai

Photography by Jemma Richmond



Photography: Jemma Richmond
Creative Direction: Refiloe Mokgele

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