MBFWCT: #1 The Look

2:05 am

"What I wore to the shows"

"We have to pull out all the stops, guys!" 
"We have to blow their minds"

haha I remember saying this to my friends Tshiamo and Jemma a lot leading up to the start of Fashion Week. I dreamed about incredulous looks from people who had not yet come to terms with the sartorial progressions of today or the power of experimental proportions. I had grand ideas of 'Future Fifi' appearing at The Watershed, clad in an outfit of truly sculptural proportions. A vision of weird/cool, luxurious fabric and boyish edge in the form of sharp tailoring and architectural shapes...

haha I tried my best.

Alas my dorm-room is not a crisp white studio with distressed wooden floors and rails of mostly monochromatic designer clothing scattered along it's walls in a nonchalant fashion. My dorm-room is exactly what it's name suggests, maybe even half of that. It's a slice of a room, with a tiny wooden cupboard filled with campus appropriate clothes, raincoats and one or two 'almost studio worthy' pieces.

I am wearing piece one and two.

photography by Jemma Richmond
The dress and the pants, both previously featured on All Zuri as separate entities here and here respectively, put together serve as a look that subverts the conventions of dress and silhouette.

New life is breathed into the pieces as their initial purpose is challenged and looked at from a different perspective. A shift dress becomes a top while trousers transform to baggy leggings. Sounds mad weird when you try to explain it, as I attempted to my Maths tut partner the day before. lol She kind of just raised her brows and smiled a bit when I told her I was going to wear a dress with pants underneath.

I don't think it turned out too badly. In fact it's quite tame in comparison to the imagined 'Future Fifi' outfit.

The unconventional shape is balanced by the use of black in the form of the trousers, shoes and jacket to highlight the graphic dress and gold accessories.

"Sounds mad weird when you try to explain it"

A hybrid of evening wear aesthetic and masculine form underpinned by a biker girl kinda vibe.

Made me feel hella modern and edgy as we walked past all the oldies that swarmed to the shows in search of the freshest trends.

We were probably the youngest three people at the shows that day. *four if you count the stylish kid sitting front row with her momma at the Marriane Fassler show.* I'm not sure if this is as a result of poor marketing appeal to a younger audience or the fact that it was a Thursday night and the population jeune was out doing student type things.

For the sake of the future of South African fashion, I pray it's the latter. As we need to push harder in terms of growing the youth fash-scene and elevating the innovative young fashionistas out there.

sooo yeahh... That's what I wore.

Topshop from the feet to the pants and Zara upwards from there, Earrings are from Lovisa.

Watch out for my runway reviews on the Marriane Fassler and Habits shows.

"we need to push harder in terms of growing the youth fash-scene."

Catch Jemma Ricmond's take on MBFWCT by clicking here. Her article is sensational.

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