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"Mid-Winter sunny days"

New clothes- two relatively arbitrary words when separate, but together, yielding the power to bring great joy to my life, and simultaneously cause great personal poverty. 


 "The sun decided to shine."

"Not jeans. not sweats. not leggings- but actual cigarette pants!"

I finally found trousers that fit me! Not jeans. not sweats. not leggings- but actual cigarette pants!
and naturally I had to use the first opportunity I got to wear them, which just happened to be the entire weekend after said purchase- like, everyday for three days. They fit as well on my body as they do into my boyish dress aesthetic. This is very exciting for me, as it's really quite difficult to execute the "when I grow up" style I envision for my self due to obvious student budget limitations, so the pants have brought me one step closer. They're the kind of 'match with everything at any time' pants that every human should own. lol upon reflection this rave about my new favourite pants is starting to become weird so rather I switch topics.

The Sunday I decided to wear this outfit was a goodie. By some unsual typa Cape Town sky god magic, the sun decided to shine, making it unnecessary to wear 3 jerseys and a coat as one rather had to replace the aforementioned apparel with some sunnies and a rad T-shirt. Also a spontaneous trip to a food market that day further affirmed the appropriateness of this look so yay!

I don't know if it's just me or if this is an actual growing trend that has rooted itself into my subconscious mind, but food printed clothing really appeals to me. Like, imagine if food became the new floral? That'd be cool- like a kind of Pop Art-esque commentary on greed and consumerism and our elevation of food to an almost drug status. Food is more political than flowers, in my opinion, which makes it a cooler print. I now have a pizza embellished jacket, pineapple print T-shirt and bacon and egg socks (which will soon make an All Zuri appearance), haha all in the hopes of looking drop dead delicious. 

Let me describe this simple look real quick so I can get back to my Maths homework.

"Food is more political than flowers."

As you can see, the colours are predominantly monochromatic, as The Pants (from Topshop) and a vintage Bill Blass jacket serve as the base for this outfit. I'm wearing my olive green 'crocodile skin' slip-ons from Topshop and ,of course, my pineapple T from the same place. "Woah this chick wears a lot of Topshop," one might say, but I mostly wore all this stuff so that you could have images to refer to when I describe the Topshop Shopping Party I went to last week in my next blog post... Also I love that place and would sleep there if I could so "yeah, she does."

In terms of accessories, the clutch is from Zara and I think the sunglasses were a freebie from a magazine lol. haha God bless that magazine.

"I would sleep there if I could."

That's about it.

P.S What's your favourite food?

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