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"Jenny Le Roux's collection = the quintessence of cool"

A sartorial journey marked by Japanese influence, bold use of colour and a striking celebration of the female form...
Sans any idea of what was to follow and with a singular image of creased cotton "Poetry" type clothing in muted shades of beige in my mind, I sat down next to Jemma and waited for the show to start to see if I was right. What the heck was Habits? Neither of us had a clue. I had booked the wrong tickets in my mad rush not to miss out on Fashion Week or the closest seats we could get to the runway.

So there we were- live from the third row, completely oblivious to the fact that our minds were about to be blown...

"a striking celebration of the female form"

The cocoon is how it all started. A mysterious figure floated down the runway draped in heavy fabric and the red lit mist of the smoke machine- simultaneously confirming that yeah I was wrong about the Poetry thing and amplifying the now tangible curiosity of the fash-congregation. Was this a fashion show or  the beginning of a Lady Gaga/ Kanye West concert? I was really unsure now. What I was sure about though, was the beauty and sculptural quality of the piece- veering more into the avant-garde realm of design- which isn't often seen on the South African Stage. The red ghost. The pubescent butterfly, finally stopped haunting the audience and metamorphosed into a statuesque model clad in a red dress- all perfectly synchronized with the musical transition from creepy to Oriental.

With obvious Eastern inspiration, the collection flowed into its second movement. Think origami type structure in luxuriously printed fabrics. My jaw dropped at the white shirt and floor length skirt combo, kind of reminiscent of the typical Carolina Herrera aesthetic (strong feminine silhouettes + impeccable tailoring).

woah this collection was looking good...

Snap back to reality as the lights turned from blood to crip and the entire vibe of the show changed faster than my Iphone (actually Jemma's phone :( ) snapping fingers could handle. 
The only word in my head as the models floated past was weekend.  The laid-back pieces, swung around their bodies like a cool breeze. She's definitely getting on her yacht in an about and hour.  
Pocketed dresses and loosely fitted pants in light fabrics contrasted with boldly coloured accessories, as the blue crew blew past the audience like the Cullens at the cafeteria. 

"Was this a fashion show or  the beginning of a Lady Gaga/ Kanye West concert?"

 This style of dress is largely more atypical to an adult market, and I could definitely see my older self in a monochromatic pyjama style two-piece. As for now, the depicted wearer is a bit too self- assured to be adolescent if you know what I mean. She's the type of Tracee Ellis-Ross/Solange-esque type cool you aspire to become 10 years from now. I don't know- does that make sense?


The resort aura continued as it materialized itself in hues ranging from the blue we talked about to blood orange and even olive greens.

Now imagine the saturation of a vivid photograph slowly decreasing and you might be able to fathom the transition of colour from brights to barely there. I mean barely there in all senses of the word as the White segment of the collection characterized itself with amorphous silhouettes and ethereal sheer fabrics. #freethenipple
 The milk maids take the stage.
Initial thought-and then? 
Secondary thought- this is quite cool 
Tertiary pseudo-intelligent fashion commentary thought- perhaps an allusion to South Africa's colonial history and societal female roles of the past?


Definitely a resounding success in terms of contrasting with the last gorgeous era of the Habits collection. Bold Black and White is what I'm calling the sub-collection of some of the strongest pieces of the night. Obviously the Habits woman (any modern woman) has many facets to her, but this Sasha Fiercest side had to be my favourite. No subservient milk maids here- as the models literally burned the runway in their 100x fire flame emoji ensembles.

favourite pieces are pictured above and bellow.

 My two favourite pieces include, the black halter-neck gown that is embellished across the chest and the quintessentially cool combination of black culottes, a completely sheer top and the draped and striped oversized jersey...

Make-up descriptionJust Walked Through a Blizzard Chic

Le Roux presents to the audience a glorious celebration of womanhood and female form with her flattering pieces that move breezily with each model. Her show went above and beyond the convention of expressionless looking models moving like soulless ghosts across the ramp. The show was an experience if not anything else. The Habits woman had a story, a complexity of personality and a gnarly soundtrack to boot.

"She's the type of Tracee Ellis-Ross/Solange-esque type cool you aspire to become 10 years from now."

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