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"The Student Lates Shopping Party"

As often stated by yours truly, the formula consisting of fashion, food and music never fails to produce in terms of good times. It's pretty full proof, and the Topshop Student Lates party serves as a perfect exhibition of my theory.

Picture this-It's a random Thursday night and in spite of the 'Mont Thursdays tradition, you decide rather to feast your eyes on beautiful, sale priced clothing instead of consuming a borderline paralysis inducing amount of alcohol and jumping around to Katy Perry tracks from 2011. You decide to ditch Long and even close that Mathematics, Accounting or Sociology textbook all in the name of scoring some crisp new additions to that Winter closet. With mind still fixated on this image, imagine that your wallet was most recently refilled by the rents and that cash was not all squandered away at various fast food pleks and previous 'excursions'...

There is only one place you might have gone to if all of this were true.
There is most definitely only one place you would have gone to if in addition to all of this, your name just happened to be Refiloe Mokgele.  
That place, ladies and gents, was the Student Lates party at Topshop V&A.

Let me tell you what it was all about...

look! I'm holding the outfit from my previous post! read about it here
Nocturnal Topshoppin' occured at the event that provided the opportunity for young fashion enthusiasts to make their closets happy and wallets sad.

Balloons were handed out to the early birds and a simple 'pop' could have resulted in a sale voucher ranging from about 20-50 percent off all purchases. For the rest of us commoners, an automatic 'you're a student!' 20% discount was bestowed upon us. Great.

The clothes. Typical Topshop stuff, so think high street style pieces and apparel that is most up to date with international street wear trends. That's one thing I love about that place. If you see, let's say,button down A-line mini skirts on the net and all your fave cross-continental stars, Topshop is always the first to cop that trend and give us a taste of all things fashionably fresh. Naturally Student Lates didn't disappoint in that respect as the rails were filled with 70's inspired tops (like that orange lace-up one in the background of my half selfie) and sporty silhouettes (as seen with  the pineapple T-shirt with black detailing that I'm holding). Plenty of hella beautiful/ hella expensive coats and jackets to gawk at and, another thing I adore about Topshop, a petite section for us diminutive folk! That's where I finally found the rad black trousers (more on that here).

The Music. South African electronic music duo, The Kiffness turned the store into a semi-club, and I don't know about you, but good store music usually heightens my consumerist tendencies by making me feel like I'm in some sort of music video or stereotypical teen movie.

"opportunity for young fashion enthusiasts to make their closets happy and wallets sad"

Food and Drinks. Kind of disappointed by the fact that kids at the Durban edition of Lates got Mexican food, while we munched on hotdogs, but hey they were free! and they served as an effective fash-fuel for those of us who missed res dinner and spent most of our net-worth on clothing. Drinks were sponsored by Kopparberg, who also happened to sponsor the entire event. Oh and lest we forget the popcorn!

What I bought.
My purchases include, a cute pineapple print T-shirt, a pair of black cigarette pants and some socks with egg and bacon all over.

Good one Topshop. I hope more stores jump on to this fashion forward idea. Not sure how my debit card feels about it though...

Have to work on my Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town posts.


"Topshop is always the first to cop that trend and give us a taste of all things fashionably fresh."

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