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8:23 pm

"Mastering the whole dressing for the airport thing..."

I've yet to conquer the art of packing light- in fact I think I suck at it. There are just too many things that might become unexpectedly essential when one needs to survive in an environment that is not home. Like, what if you need a rain coat, a book (or three) to read, or you maybe get invited to a ball and don't have a wand-wielding fairy godmother to whip up a sparkly gown for you to wear?? These questions all seem equally valid in my mind when I pack, hence the many Rands that have vacated my wallet in exchange for that dreaded 'overweight' allowance. One 20kg bag is definitely not sufficient enough for a student who needs to migrate her entire life over the provincial borders. Nah. I really think I'm not alone on this...

"Do not wear your flops and pack your Timbs."

 But hey, that's not what I wanted to talk about. There are tons of 'how to pack light' tips on the internet for you to look at if that's what you thought this was. If you'd like to know a thing or two about dressing for the airport, then I'm your gal. I'd like to think that I've come very close to establishing a sense of equilibrium in terms of the three very important pillars of the Airport Trifecta of Attire. 

You've gotta balance Weight, Wearabilty and Elegance if you're trying to achieve an effective airport smackdown. (lol).

So yeah, here is my short explanation...

As you can see, I'm wearing a very large coat. This is one of the most important pieces of this outfit for two reasons- firstly I strongly suggest that you always wear your heaviest item of clothing if you really don't want to spend your entire allowance at the baggage claim counter. This vintage beauty also happens to be very warm which is crucial during this Southern Hemisphere chill. Check. The 'heavy' rule also applies to shoes. Do not wear your flops and pack your Timbs. Firstly because it's hella cold and secondly because you will be like the dude I saw at the aforementioned baggage claim counter, trying to fill his backpack with tan coloured heavy duty boots when he simply could have had them laced to his feet. An exhibit of the 'cleverer' option is seen with my favourite/heaviest black boots from Topshop.

Now for the internal layers. Layering at the airport is possibly the most important place you should layer. You might land to discover torrential rain or unexpected Bahama type weather, so wear a really light top and then begin adding stuff like sweaters and scarves that can easily be removed or hugged closer to the body at high altitudes.  Both my hoodie and snood are from Cotton On.

"You might land to discover torrential rain or unexpected Bahama type weather."

Then it's the pants. These need to be the most comfortable ones you own. I strongly advocate sweatpants (against the words of Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld, who says sweats are 'a sign of defeat' *rolls eyes*). I love my drop-crotch sweatpants from the Mr Price guys' section. I personally think that they make better sweats for guys than they do for females, which kind of frustrates me but also allows one to blur the boarders a bit and play with some androgynous shapes (which I love). You can  alternatively wear jeans, but make sure their fabric is stretchy or they're of the boyfriend variety

There you go. Combine WWE and get a rad outfit that'll make you simultaneously feel like Kimmy K at L.A.X and a warm and comfortable teddy bear.

You might not hear from me for a while because school. soyeahbye

Photography by Justice Machaba 

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