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"Lazy Sunday Afternoon Getup"

Sometimes the day calls for an outfit that may not stop traffic, turn heads or even feel worthy of a blog post. Sometimes a reasonably comfortable pair of dark wash jeans paired with a good quality T-shirt and even better quality jersey are all you need to feel like a clean, put-together human. Sometimes it's Sunday and your dad won't let you fully display your experimental sense of style to the congregation. Sometimes.

These days are 'inevitable' and kind of essential to one's style journey, to ground you and make you realise a few things about clothes...

"Sometimes keeping it hella basic and borderline boyish is totally ok."

1. It really isn't that serious. Fashion is very important to me and I strongly believe in the concept of experimentation and risk-taking in the name of the art, but I shouldn't have to feel bad for wearing something that may not pull at the threads of the socially acceptable, or inspire new ways of thinking in terms of colour pairing and proportions. lol, it's ok to throw on a jersey-because it's cold, and those jeans from yesterday- because you're late for church.

because, really,

2. Clothing is a reflection of mood and situation and thus sometimes keeping it hella basic and borderline boyish is totally ok.


3. Quality clothing feels sooo good. There is a reason that a Country Road T-shirt costs this much and the Mr Price one costs that much. I definitely don't believe in owning a 100 plain white T's with the Mango logo across the chest, but I do think it's important to own a few basic pieces that not only can evolve with you as your (or even your future vintage-loving kid's) personal style develops, but also still feel amazing every time you put them on. Any essential closet pieces in your cupboard?

My jeans are from H&M. They match with everything in my closet, and can be worn for a week straight as the dark wash is not really as susceptible to dust as my lighter coloured jeans. They also aren't as tight as many of my other skinny jeans, which is a huge plus for days where you, you have to go out the house but can't really wear pyjama pants...My T-shirt is white with red stripes, from Country Road and the gloriously red/orange Jersey is from Trenery, both found at Woolworths. If you could reach through the screen you're currently staring at and touch this jersey, then maybe you would be able to understand the indescribable texture of this piece. like, I won't even try. All I can say is, "Thanks mom."

I almost thought that my many pyjama-clad days had resulted in me "letting go" and ceasing to care about my love for fashion, but I have concluded that basic attire inspires greater appreciation for texture and detail.

photography by: Jemma Richmond

Also, I just realised that I, in fact, have taken a bit of risk, by subverting the conventions of female dress- possibly inspired by my cropped hair. This is a typical kind of outfit, but more so for a dude. The black and white Nike Air Max kicks have added a slightly more masculine edge to my lazy Sunday afternoon getup. So, hah!

"It really isn't that serious."

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