Fifi's Five... Songs To Listen To At 2 AM

4:38 am

"plug in your earphones"

When everything is really silent...except your brain.

These are five late night songs that I really love, and seeing that my body clock has decided to make night time my most active time, I listen to them quite a lot.
This list could have been much longer, but then the title wouldn't really make sense...

1-London O'Conner// Nobody Hangs Out Anymore

This kid is hella new on the scene (Really. He released his first album 2 days ago). Despite this, I like his sound. It's very appropriate for stargazing and similar activities.

2- Jaden Smith// Offering

Try and absorb as much of the lyrics as possible.

I'm in love with Jaden Smith and what he's about and his level of innovation and individuality at his age and the fact that he's an underdog in the music scene and that he doesn't confine himself to the conventions of rap or any musical genre for that matter and the way he's able to convey raw honesty while still being creative with his words and and and and...

3- The Neighbourhood ft Raury//Warm

I like this band. They have something dark about them. I like this song. It's a prime example of what I just said.

4- Tom Misch// Hark

Also, he is responsible for the beat on Offering.

5- Little Dragon// Twice

Little Dragon have a very otherworldly kinda sound. There's nothing like it. I'm very excited for their second visit to South Africa and getting to feel like I'm floating in deep space at a live performance.

 I don't think I need to say much more. Just listen, okay.

compiled playlist:

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