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3:35 am

"Being at the right place at the right time"

Firstly I want to tell you about the inspiration of the title of this post. Then I want to talk about other stuff. I have not quite yet figured out the "other stuff" bit, but it'll come to me soon.
Holiday's are going swimmingly and all the Eat, Watch TV and Stalk People Online boxes are being thoroughly ticked.

I'm a little bit bored and a lot grateful that I have the opportunity to be bored. Spending copious amounts of time with my siblings and with myself is psychologically beneficial. I have time to figure out stuff in my head and stare blankly at screens varying in size. I have time to execute many of the droplets of ideas that poured from my mind, through my pen and onto doodled mindmaps that should have had Physics notes on them. I have time- something engineering students aren't really blessed with.

That also means I have time to tell you about my free clothes!

The stories aren't really that glamorous. I didn't get a carefully wrapped white box, tied with black ribbon yielding the Chanel logo dotted along its length. I sure as heck didn't get a cute note from Karl saying "Good luck for exams. Bisous"... Maybe next year lol.

The lack of glamour does not deter from the abundance of excitement and fun though. Representatives from Mr Price came to UCT that week to inform keen students about a project that combined fashion and community outreach. The final day of their visit served as an ode to all things denim as kids queued up to get their FREE item of denim apparel which they could decorate with various iron-on patches. Naturally I had one thing on my mind, and so you are presented with my sleeveless denim jacket adorned with slices of my favourite food. Very Adventure Time chic I think.

Okay, let me tell you about my other item of clothing- slightly more bizarre story.

Late Thursdays they call it. Very very similar  to First Thursdays except later in the month rather than the first Thursday of the month. Art galleries open their doors at night and vintage and newly designed clothing hangs from the rails of make-shift markets and permanent stores. Fashion, food and art- really there isn't anything better.

So yeah, A spur of the moment trip to the galleries with two of my friends started with a look in the mirror. I had bought a fantastic oversized textured coat earlier that day (coming soon to the blog) and decided that it needed to be immediately christened/ displayed to the public or whatever so we went.

Oohing and aaahing our way from gallery to gallery, literally jumping like fan girls at the site of vintage clothing and having casual chats with a couple who create beautifully distressed furniture and paintings as a hobby. This night was obviously a good one...

But then it was elevated to greatness,true greatness, when the owner of Amy Rose Apparel decided to compliment my coat and hand me a furry creation of hers with a smile and a "Here. Take it. You obviously appreciate texture."

Shuuu. I almost spontaneously burst into flames.

...So yeah, those are the two tales of how my closet expanded while still maintaining the contents of my wallet.

Advice on getting free clothes- be at the right place at the right time (and wear a good coat while you're at it).

More about this outfit...

I wore the top and jacket together with a pair of comfortable, Cotton On trousers, a long-sleeved t-shirt (also Cotton On) and my good old high-top All Stars. This outfit is perfect for campus crawling or days spent in the library. I kind of hate wearing jeans during exam season so everything works out.

Furry Pizza Look is an example of experimental fashion and the benefits of playing around with clothes- you can conjure up some pretty cool compilations.

Almost forgot I was supposed to talk about something else as well... but I think that's enough for the day.

Also it's 3 AM.

photography by: Jemma Richmond

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