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"Where Pyjamas Only is the dresscode"

I gathered up all the pretty looking things that were chilling in my suitcase and decided to try my hand at creating the ever popular 'organised mess' flat-lay photograph... you know... 'cause I'm a blogger and that's what bloggers do. Also my outfit, although extremely comfortable, is not really spectacular or even socially acceptable (think mismatched shades of pink, fluffy socks and a lot of Hello Kitty). 

I'm home for a whole month... wow. 

This is a bit sweet and a bit sour for me and I'll tell you why.

The 'sweet' part is obviously as a result of the fact that I'm finally reunited with my family and friends... and fridge and television- four very important aspects of my life (in that order). The 'sour' bit is largely consumed by the fact that for this month, my life is a desperate battle against boredom and the encumbrance of being a licenseless gal in this city. It really isn't a biggie in Cape Town, but here it most definitely is.

Nevertheless, I'm back home in Jobreezy and I'll hopefully have more time to blog.

Back to the whole flat-lay thing. Popularised by the likes of Margaret Zhang (my favourite blogger), the flat-lay photograph is an interesting and creative way to portray your current situation. Take my pic for example. As you can obviously see, I was reading Vogue while painting my nails and doing my make-up, dressed in Nikes and an assortment of mismatched jewellery. totally. Oh and I forgot to tell you- I wear glasses. haha... So yeah, they don't exactly win the prize for accuracy, but I do think they are pretty.

There are three main types of flat-lays that I've come across- all varying in aesthetic and level of difficulty in terms of execution...

1- The Totally Minimalist One- displaying at most four objects (one of them usually being a palm frond/ leaf or something) arranged on a stark white surface in the form of bed sheets or a white table/counter top. I like this one. It's quite easy to achieve and makes for an attractive/clean instagram page. The unofficial name pretty much says it all in terms of the overall look you want here.

2- Tetris With Stuff- This, in my opinion, is the most difficult to achieve. It also happens to be the type of flat-lay pic I chose to do. Objects varying in size are carefully positioned according to the limitations of a 1:1 insta-square. Many elements are required for this one, to avoid leaving unintentional open spaces. Hah! Another perfectly appropriate name from the mind of yours truly.

3- The Visually Pleasing Disaster- This method of flat-lay photography possesses the most Dada-esque qualities, as most of its composition is as a result of chance (and maybe a little bit of re-positioning). It's most suited to restaurant type situations, where the plates and glasses and cutlery are automatically positioned. Objects on the edges of the frame are usually cut off to give the illusion of even more abundance beyond the 'square'. This, with enough stuff in the frame and taken from a high enough angle, can look amazing.

Actually all of the above look good from an extreme high angle (like, from directly above). That's kind of what makes everything look flat...

Yeah I'm rambling. Also I feel like getting some tea. Bye.

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