With Love From Rock Bottom

6:53 pm

"When things are looking suckish"

Friday marks the beginning of my mini pity party
and the day that my precious, beautiful, 1 month old phone was stolen. Not only have I been cut off from the social world, but the rents are also naturally unimpressed with their daughter. (sigh). I have a hell week of tests approaching. (sigh). A cold sore has invaded my face (sigh), and my list of To Do's is starting to look more and more like the contents page of an encyclopedia everyday. (sighs and stares into the abyss).

There's only so much a good scoop of ice cream can fix, but nevertheless, we must press on. As predicted, the honeymoon stage of Cape Town has unfortunately drawn to a close.

This photograph depicts me aptly dressed in the colour blue and was taken at a happier time and in a happier place. In it, I am wearing a super comfortable shirt dress from Country Road in Woolworths. I love this item of clothing as it exudes a very "Saturday" kind of vibe which contrasts with  my very "Tuesday" (not the Drake kind) situation. The fabric is light and the hem of the dress hits my leg at the perfect point. Fond memories about The Old Biscuit Mill, which hosts a Saturday market filled with various food and clothing stalls, are captured in this pic as I sip on an interestingly flavoured, spicy fruit juice.

My advice to others who may be feeling as let down by fate as I am and who are currently mumbling "why me?" at least three times a day, as I am, is to wear something  that makes you feel a little bit happier. This weekend winner is definitely an option.

In the beautifully gruff voice of my favourite, King Krule- "When positivity seems hard to reach, I keep my head down and my mouth shut. Cos' if your're going through hell, you just keep going!"

click here to listen to King Krule - Easy Easy

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