Fashionable Fatigue

11:38 pm

"You'll sleep when you're dead."

Maths, Physics, Chemistry and numerous errands have reduced the "sleep" section of the pie chart of my life to a tiny slither. A lot of studying has been taking place as of late in preparation for my first official test week. It's quite ironic that I'm writing about studying when I am obviously not at this current moment, but I do believe in maintaining some balance in terms of work and play. Unfortunately balancing scales only have two sides, thus leaving poor old Sleep with no particular position or role to play in my life. Basically I'm incredibly tired and at the stage where I could very well pass out on the floor at any given moment.

The outfit you currently see is my best attempt at seeming like I did get the required 8 hours, while not compromising any of my comfort (or ability to jump straight into bed while still wearing said outfit).  

Let's start from the bottom. I'm obviously wearing flat shoes (not that I usually wear other kinds of shoes) to lessen the chance of me spontaneously falling over and going into an eternal sleep coma. They're monochromatic lace ups from Aldo. The dress is very important in the execution of my 'sleepless' strategy as it's an automatic outfit that doesn't really require much effort in terms of accessories and putting on. In addition, the stretchy fabric hugs my body the way my blankets and duvet would if I and my bed were better friends. This TopShop piece is perfect because of its colour and the fact that it can be worn at any time and place-merci beaucoup Mademoiselle Chanel. I brightened the look up with a light utility jacket in an interesting coral colour-merci beaucoup Mom's Closet, and everything was pulled together at the last minute with a bowler hat that was purchased from a small shop in the tiny town of Clarens in the Free State.

The final accessory- poorly covered up eye bags!
Hopefully I will get some sleep soon, but by the looks of things, chances of that are quite slim. There is a lot to do and so I have concluded that I will most probably have to wait until the school vacation to finally lay my head down on my pillow for a few solid days.

Johannesburg next week- I'm excited to see my fam, friends and DSTV remote.

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