Sunday Best

10:12 am

"Big Skirt and Clunky Boots Marking the End of Le Weekend"

 I looked at my cupboard and decided to ditch the shorts and jeans in favour of the ultra girly A-line midi skirt.

It was a Sunday, marking the perfect opportunity to display my situational dressing skills. I even found a picturesque church to serve as the background for my ootd.

This, in my opinion, was a perfect Sunday. Procrastination instead of productivity and long walks along the streets of Rondebosch instead of long equations in my maths textbook are how I can describe it. We even had waffles and ice cream at the Creamery to feed our fatigued souls. In an ideal world this would become somewhat of a tradition but alas I am and engineering student and there's work to be done. My schedule is starting to look  slightly scary and thus I have taken the time to appreciate this glorious 'once in lifetime' end to the week.

On to the clothes. I've fallen in love with this puffy piece of art form Mr Price which can be paired with just about anything. This is mostly due to the fact that it's black and partially due to the fact that outfit repetitions are a way of life for the student who could only transport two large suitcases of luggage to Cape Town. Perhaps a post on mastering the art of 'rewearing' clothes is in order seeing that my name is not Kim Kardashian and I can't buy new Balmain Jackets every other weekend. I'm wearing this skirt with a random belt that I've sommer tied around my waist because it doesn't have enough holes to accommodate my petite frame. A grey top from Mr Price serves as a neutral base for my denim jacket and favorite black, chunky ankle boots from TopShop. I rushed out of my room in like 10 minutes so I'm pretty chuffed at the fact that I managed not to look like a complete disaster. The sunglasses (I'm still not sure if I like them or not) were only a R100 from a random shop/restaurant/club in Braamfontein.

I love it when things that aren't supposed to work out, actually do (ie. a big skirt and clunky boots), so all in all this was an excellent day.

I wish you many a sweeti Sunday <3

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