In The City

5:52 pm


Views of Table Mountain from my dorm room window only contribute to how surreal this all feels.
I’m actually in Cape Town. My academic roots are firmly and readily planted in the soil of the mother city and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier in my life. 
Yes I know this probably sounds a bit dramatic and that this honeymoon state of mind shall soon pass, but for now I will continue to bask in it.

There are a few things that I have had to get used to and the main one is most probably the hot/cold/windy/sunny weather that Cape Town is so famous for. A few extra minutes every morning are spent staring blankly at the limited contents of my cupboard as I try to decide whether I should wear a polo neck jersey or bikini to class.  I have thus concluded that the only way to survive in this place is to layer. Layering is the only way to do it considering the fact that a day can go from blizzard to oven before I’ve even bought my 11 o’clock sandwich. 
This outfit is a clear example of the lasagne-type lifestyle of which I speak. Jackets play an extremely important role and so I have chosen to wear one of my favourite- an ode to the monochrome trend that combines utility and drama. It’s from Cotton On. I’ve paired it with other comfortable pieces in the same colour palette, choosing rather to play with texture than colour. Pants from Cotton On, a grey top from Mr Price and bargain shoes from Edgars all come together to form a comfortable and affordable any weather outfit. 
I’m sooo excited to be here and I’ll let you know when it finally starts to feel real. But for now let’s just appreciate the fact that Table Mountain is in the background of these photos.

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