January Blues

10:54 am

"A lazy girl's guide to making the most of those 'do nothing' days"

The holidays are a time of relaxation, family time, partying and all that other stuff you couldn't do due to the restrictive chains that we commonly refer to as the school system and/or work. I am currently lapping up the longest holiday of my life as I float in a state of limbo between high school and university. What once was a glorious three week 'December vacation', that ended almost right after we chanted the New Years Eve' s 'three, two, one!', has stretched out to create the 'December and January vacation', which calls for even more relaxation, partying and maybe a little less family time seeing that the rents and younger siblings are all slaving away and well into their work routines. Poor them.

I on the other hand have become somewhat of an expert in the field of 'chill' and have decided to offer my services and impart some jewels of knowledge. I might not ever know what to do with the '104 days of summer vacation' that Phineas and Ferb are privileged enough to have, but I'm sure I can add a South African twist to the art of holidaying, which requires a delicate balance between semi-productivity and catatonic TV watching. I therefore present to you, my official guide to spending holidays/sick days at home alone.

1. Completely mess up your sleeping pattern.
This can be easily achieved by waking up at dismal hours of the...afternoon and doing your most productive activities like twitter and instagram stalking randoms, drawing, reading, thinking and maybe squeezing in a session of Nike Fitness training in the hours between midnight and sunrise. Try including some daytime naps to achieve optimum results.

2. Watch TV like it's your job.
Watch all your favourite series and some 'weird/actually turned out to be good' series. Watch all your favourite movies and 'even weirder/ actually turned out to be my new favourite movies'. There is no such thing as a holiday that doesn't include watching mindless episodes of any Kardashian related show. Watch The Weakest Link. Watch cooking shows. Watch music videos until you know them all. Watch some of your favourite cartoons for old times sake. Square eyes are in this season.

3. Eat like a royal.
This is the area where one is able to put all that was learnt from the cooking shows into practise. The kitchen is an oasis of possibility, as demonstrated in one of my favourite shows, Snack Off, where true masterchefs are borne from limited ingredients. Eat whatever you like, whenever you want to... If it means your heart desires 5 bowls of cereal, so be it.

4. Adhere to the dress code.
Of course fashion would inevitably become a topic of discussion. This is my last piece of advice and possibly the most important. Dress like a bum. Pyjamas, sweats, hoodies, socks and messy hair are fundamental if one wants to pull off this look. Comfort will always pull rank when it comes to lazing about at home so embrace this time of freedom and celebrate it in your favourite pink PJs.

There you go.

P.S I would just like to let you know that I wrote most of this post at 3am. (refer to tip 1.)

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