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"Going to a gig at the Gardens"

This post is long overdue and I may have forgotten some important details about this day, but there is definitely something I will never forget and that is getting to meet the band, Beatenberg (refer to last photograph).

We went to a concert at the Kirstenbosch gardens, with a good supply of mango slices, biltong, crackers and cheese, and spent the afternoon listening to wonderfully mellow music with Table Mountain serving as the giant cloudy wall between us and reality.

The South African music industry is churning out some pretty amazing stuff and lately I've been going to quite a few gigs where performances have far outdone the likes of Justin Bieber and Rihanna. There's something different about our music here and apart from the fact that an obvious home advantage applies in my South African heart, I love how different and varied the "South African sound" has become. From club bangers, produced by rappers like AKA and chilled out music that conjures up weird nostalgia for places I've never been to and things I've never done (#Beatenberg), to feel good, road trip type indie and the undefinable dance genre created by the likes of Maramza and Okmalumkoolkat(by far the coolest stage name on earth ever), our music is really cool here and our performances are pretty much life changing. 

I'm sure you can thus tell that this particular day was one of those "life changing" ones, and of course nothing adds the cherry on top quite like an excellent execution of 'situational dressing'. This look combines comfort, trend and personal style to create the ultimate picnic appropriate outfit.

I am wearing very loose clothing in the form of a shirt and pair of shorts, to allow for freedom of movement in the form of dancing and cross-legged sitting. The grey running shorts from Mr Price pay tribute to the 'sport-luxe' trend which basically dubs the concept of wearing of gym clothes as normal clothes as cool now. I'm obviously all for it as it adds a kind of youthful vibe to the wearer and also focuses on the importance of comfort. The idea is to combine typical sport attire with more glamorous pieces to create an outfit that says "yes, I am at a concert, but I could also run the Comrades Marathon in the next hour if I wanted to." This blue shirt is from Trenery at Woolworths and its versatility makes it a closet staple. The colours together hopefully create a very 'cool as a cucumber' vibe and naturally a pair of sunnies had to be involved in order to make this outfit trully 'weekend-esque'.

If you do plan on going to a picnic anytime soon, remember to keep it comfy and also to bring something warm with you because days (especially Cape Town days) find it hard to commit to one season sometimes. 

photographs by: Jemma Richmond

Pretty please may you listen to one of my favourite songs by Beatenberg. It's called Chelsea Blakemore and after that perhaps you could even look up some of the other artists I've mentioned

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