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"and the whole trend thing in general"

I'm currently practicing how to be a pretentious Cape Town blogger- sitting in a cafe, laptop at the ready, typing furiously and downing massive gulps of mint tea in 30 second intervals. I'll head back to my dorm when the weather permits, so possibly never.

I didn't come here to blog, I came here to attempt to churn out some decently sized chunks of the massive essay on concrete that I have to do. This is my break and I'm using the time to go into a full blown discussion on the issue of the green jacket.

Yes, I did say the green jacket.

Otherwise known as the weekend winter uniform of the privately educated high school girl or everyday uniform of the university girl. Stan Smiths, Nike Roshes, white chucks or some variation of ankle boots are only school shoes permissible. Do not forget pair of stretch denim Topshop Jonis.

I've since given away the closet staple to my little sister, after getting frustrated at the sheer number of them seen on campus. But during my time at home, faced with the challenge of dressing for a primary school level cricket match while also facing the challenge of not having packed anything useful for such an occasion, I decided to give it another shot. What you see is my attempt at "cool mom"- with skinny jeans swapped out with loose trousers and Regular Runs? (not sure what these are called) replacing the Roshe Run convention.

Aside from spending most of that afternoon flipping through magazines, sneaking sips of my brother's Energade and clapping at what seemed to be appropriate times, I did get thinking about the whole jacket thing... and then the whole trend thing in general.

Why are we so terrified of being perceived as fashion victims? What even is a fashion victim? 

You chat to some kids who swear against all things 'trendy', pride themselves on individualism and shake their heads at the mainstream. I can maybe tick two (or three) of those boxes as I am a firm believer of self expression through clothing... and breaking from the mainstream in most areas of life (much to the dismay + eye rolls of some of my mates). 
After some thought though, I have come to the conclusion that liking trends and being completely oneself do not have to be mutually exclusive variables.

How would we be able to identify the defining styles of 20s, 60s, 70s without trends? Trends are place markers for where our society's at sartorially and I guess being able to play a role in defining fashion history is pretty cool in and of itself. That's my rationale behind wearing this jacket again. and coveting many other "must haves" and new "this season's closet essentials!". It is again all about honesty with self. Do I hate looking like everyone? yes. Despite that, do I love the way this jacket looks on me? yes.
Just coz it's trendy doesn't mean it's not cool- you feel me?

Essentially, wear what you want. Which you were probably doing anyway.

Also P.S: School uniform regulations are currently under discussion,which may see the embroidered bomber jacket replacing the the olive green one in the near future.

Outfit details

Jacket: Topshop
Hat: Vintage
Sunglasses: Witchery
Trousers: Cotton On
Sneakers: Nike


Photography: my dad

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