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"Normal(ish) conversation with Sizi P. This time including pen and paper"

Very rarely is the average human-being gifted with such levels of charisma or stamina for conversation. We hear cliches about people's ability to radiate light upon entrance of a room, but there are really only two people I can think of, both sharing the same surname, Sizi and her dad. This light is bright af, almost verging on harsh, but light nonetheless, and with the solar quality of remaining so for extremely long periods of time. My gangly friend, Sithokozile put her long gangliness to use in a shoot by yours truly, followed by a slightly more formal (not really) interview type conversation between her and me covering a wide range of topics and occasionally touching on the main topic at hand, fashion. From the sunny streets of Maboneng to her cold af bedroom, I'm pretty sure 85% of the time was spent laughing. Either at her awkward poses (not included) or ability to find the funny in any topic with her brash yet endearingly honest sense of humour. 

These are her answers to my 20 questions...

1: Your aesthetic in 3 words?

eish... uhm... boyish? rustic idk.

2: 3 things that must be in your future house?

It has to be really open plan with few rooms.

It has to have a nice garden with very well kept hedges as shapes, or animals, or me lol. I'll decide.

It's gotta be 'child friendly' but for adults even to do stuff like play twister or whatever. I wanna have the fun house. Haha no wine here we drink vodka like varsity!

3: To what extent do you think your style has changed since grade 10?

Yoh, what was I even wearing in grade 10?... Uhm. In grade 10 my style was mostly influenced by other people around me . I didn't wanna stand out in a good way or a bad way. It was like- Do I have the right shorts? 
Now, I do more what I want to do. My style hasn't necessarily changed a lot, it's more the decision process.

4: Why would someone be your friend?

I got a big egooo haha!

I think I'm funny.

Uhmm... I don't cav..

I don't leave your space. I force myself on the people in my life. I chose you, you didn't really choose me. It's like mmh that girl's cool- I'm gonna force myself into her life lol.

I think that's her way of saying she's loyal.

I try my best to be quite sincere.

Also recently started accepting my mates as individuals, with all their things I can't change.

5: Best dressed movie character?


Uhm Taraji in Think Like a Man.


Miranda Priestly is on. Yeah I pick her.

6: What do you love about Joburg?

It's metropolitan. You can go anywhere and meet friends. Like it's not as cliquey and you also get a lot of different people in the same space and they can interact.

7: And Cape Town?

The dream I was sold about it.

Real chop.

8: Is peak personal style attainable at our age? an extent... Just coz you've peaked now doesn't mean you can't peak again. yeah 

9: What defines creativity?

Creativity pertains to innovation. It doesn't always have to be artistic. Lots of political scientists were creative in the creation of certain regimes.

It irritates me when people make 'creative' spaces without stating which creatives they're talking about. Creativity is so vast. There's creative sports people, creative mathematicians.

Just as we define protest spaces, we should define creative ones. Like I might not flourish in a creative fashion space, but I could in a music or political one.

10: What was the last piece of clothing you bought?

I haven't shopped in so long, its disgusting lol.

I haven't bought stuff recently but I have sort of adopted these shorts from my mom.

the shorts she's wearing

11: To be black and young and a woman is..

It's pretty cool rn coz slowly but surely black women are being represented more, so I'm feeling inspired. On the other hand it's quite a facade coz the fight is still harder.

The black girl magic thing is cool coz it's like being part of a sisterhood with girls you don't know. Kinda petty but things are definitely changing which is good.

12: If there's one item of clothing you need right now what is it?

What do I want like right now? 

hmmm... Think of Kylie Jenner things...

Oh no wait. I want a Daniel Wellington watch. 

13: Blaire or Serena?

Serena because she holds actual power. She didn't have to say anything. She doesn't and she's still cooler. With Blair, when they diminish you-you're actually diminished. The minions backchat Blair, but they would never betray Serena. 

Serena just does the absolute least but has the most power.

14: What's a perfect day?

I feel euphoric when I have cool adventure type days. Like the other day I went to Chapman's peak with my mates, then we went to Hout Bay for fish and chips and played in the sand dunes. Unexpected good days are the best.

It's the worst when you plan it (well except your birthday).

15: Which family members have you drawn style inspiration from?

My mom when she was my age.
My gran when she was in the 80's
I dig my dad's sick vintage coats and cool jerseys and socks
Grunge from my artsy fartsy sister, Bianca
Afrocentricness from my mom's mom. She always wears cool doeks and colourful skirts.

16: Coolest black girl cartoon character?

Miranda from As Told by Ginger!

17: Which movie shocked you?

Butterfly Effect. Yoh.

18: What are you hoping for South African fashion

I'm hoping that young designers get opportunities to sell in bulk so they don't have to sell so little and their prices aren't so high. Yeah, so more opportunities for them so they're stuff can be more accessible.

19: What's currently making you angry?

Black men.

20: Your opinion on SA youth fashion culture?

I'm annoyed, not at the Bonangs. I'm annoyed at the hipsters. You think you're stepping out of the mainstream, but you're really just stepping into another category. You dress differently cool, but all your friends are the same as you.

Like really you're not Coco Chanel, you're not that innovative. Nigga you look like your mate. 

So I kinda respect the Bonangs more coz they're honest about who they're copying. 

She's a hit.


Photography & styling: Refiloe Mokgele

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