Listen to the Kids

6:18 pm

"My friend's making a film, and I'm it it!"

found some throwback photos of me dressed in a similar outfit
Photography by Justice Machaba
I am in love with the concept of young creativity, therefore I'm in love with this project. I'll obviously share the finished product later, but at this stage the clip bellow is still at the research phase. My friend Marang and a couple of his mates are creating a film, a film about the kids and what they think about art, a dialogue that portrays the diversity of youth creative culture.

We know quite a lot about the kids from America and Europe, so I also love the fact that this one aims to tell the South African youth story.

It's basically a bunch of creative people who decided to talk to a bunch of other creative people

Take a look.

Tell me what you think.

lol this experience taught me that being on the other end of the interview 'table' is actually really weird/awkward/scary.

Nevertheless, here it is

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