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"Lots of Thoughts"

There's almost too much to talk about since my last blog post- too much stuff going on in my head, as a result of recent events and discoveries. shuu I don't even know where to start.

 uhh. I definitely would like to steer All Zuri in a more provocative direction- Write about edgier more poignant stuff, coz at the moment the fashion blogosphere that I've currently been exposed to, lacks depth or 'courage' in a sense. It's too polite. Maybe it's my fault and I haven't done enough exploring. Nevertheless, I'd like All Zuri to reflect the stuff that I'm interested in, the way I think. It already does,but you know, I want to it to be better, to grow.

 "too much stuff going on in my head"

So yeah.

First thought- Individual interpretation, fashion wise and concerning social issues.

Fashion, for the most part, is an exploration of individual interpretation. As a designer,you see a body and you see fabric and you interpret these resources to create an art piece and silhouette that reflects your interpretation of beauty and what you think people should wear. A buyer will interpret the trends and purchase runway creations that she/he thinks will be a appreciated by an audience to which Anna Wintour and the gang have preached their interpretation of what's cool. Did that make sense? Anyway. Then there's us- the common folk. We interpret these trends, these styles, these opinions on beauty in accordance with our own ideologies and taste. We think differently and add our own vibe to what we buy in the stores.

At the end of the day, the stores sell hundreds of the same item in varying colours and sizes, and yet
we still are able to see different people mix and match these items to create totally different outfits.

Exhibit A- Jemma Richmond vs Refiloe Mokgele. (featuring the suede button down skirt)

Photo taken by Carl Jacobs

Jemma and I both love the concept of fashion and its ability to visually express an internal way of thinking or mood. I love how it's so clearly reflected in the way we each chose to style the Mr Price skirt we both adore so much. It's a trending item of clothing, cool. But a discussion with some friends of mine made me realise, that yes there will always be trends and 'standard' ways of thinking, but interpretation (the word for the day) of these standards is what's beautiful and worthy of appreciation. That's what fashion is. 

I decided to pay close attention to relation of colour, in the way I styled the skirt. It's seen with a similarly coloured polo neck contrasted with black everything else. (I've decided I'll include a clothing and shop list at the end of each post.). Jemma on the other hand, chose a more eclectic approach, clashing varying textures, colours and accessories, to form a super cool casual look. 

Photo taken by me

Very strong believer in the relationship between fashion and society, and how the happenings of the world, inevitably seep into the way we dress, and recent events have taught me to appreciate the value of interpretation and different thinking- in dress and around issues.

In the wake of transformative action-taking at UCT, many students have engaged in protest action at UCT, Stellenbosch and other varsities, to fight the institutionally racist system that currently only favours a white university experience. It's a difficult fight, different to the one our parents and grandparents had to fight, because it's of a mind-set. It's a fight that's battling against practices and ideologies that have been around for so long, that they've come to be viewed by many as 'normal'.

The rest of the photography by
Jemma Richmond
This fight has perpetuated greater awareness on other 'norms' that have been around for too long like institutional patriarchy (where again, the favouring and elevation of the male experience is seen but very low-key). As a result of this, I've learnt about the concept of intersectionality, and I've also heard and read many many interpretations and views on these issues. Some have made me want to vomit. But others... woah...

Other people- my peers, writers, thinkers, speakers have exposed me to a whole new world of thinking.

They're ability to articulate some of the feelings I've felt and thoughts I've had is incredible. Strong black girls and women have said and written things that have resonated with me and exposed the things that I may have previously accepted as true. I've learned to dissect and really think through the many previously unknown layers of oppression, of pain, of black consciousness, of whiteness, of gender equality.

The chats with my mates, make me excited, because in this wake of events, this revolution, they have taken it upon themselves to think more and formulate interesting opinions.

lol I literally spent most of my vac looking up things, and watching talks and documentaries.

The challenge I'm faced with, that I love, is now deciding where I stand and which nuanced interpretation, on these really complex issues, I want to articulate. I'm learning so much, learning new words, learning about different approaches to different issues, and that's hella cool. I'm learning to sift through the crap and ignorance, disguised, through complicated use of language, as truth, and I love it. I'm excited.

Interpretation is something I've come to value. Because as much as Jemma has given me ideas on how I could wear my cool skirt, my other peers (including her lol) have also provided me with a huge scope of amazing, smart things to think about that I may not have thought of before.

I keep saying this to my roommate, telling her that a revolution of thinking, and truth-seeking is bubbling. It's not just me. There are so many people who are beginning to expose themselves to new ways of thought.

 It's trickling into way we dress (which I'll chat about later).

It's the  neo-renaissance. 

details on my outfit
Jacket- Zara
Polo neck and Belt- Woolworths

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