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"I like to get dressed in the morning"- Buck Whaley |

As much as I enjoy opening my cupboard doors, grappling with whether I'm a pants or skirt kinda girl that day or whether or not I will let the last episode of Gossip Girl I just watched influence my OOTD, the thing I most enjoy second to that is watching my peers.
I've said it ad finitum. My eyes are forever roaming, searching for intriguing outfit details, clues about self that people have unwittingly or intentionally left in a ring, sock choice or random D.I.Y accessory. Honestly, I probably more clearly remember what you wore over your name.

That's one of the many reasons why I love my friends who love to dress up. The extra time spent on making sure all outfit proportions are just so, that the colours make sense (or don't), conjures feelings similar to the sensation of eating a meal you know was made with love. 

A couple of us took a drive to Sea Point for a 'floral' themed picnic and apart from the actual food, what could be described was an abundant selection of cool clothing choices and literal personifications of the "feast for the eyes" cliche. It was interesting to see how the 'florals- for spring' thing was actually able to transcend its infamous single dimensionality. Very few people had the same interpretation for it, seeing dainty granny's wallpaper print versus giant tropical hibiscus, and some ditching the whole print thing altogether, choosing rather to look like an actual flower by way of some nifty scarf tying skills.  I do think we're entering a new era in fashion with this serving as a relatively accurate example. Although trends and timelousness will always be a thing, there also seems to be a shift towards more nuanced, and "thought through" forms of dress, where people want to look as individual as possible. This is reflected in the industry with growing options to Customise your Gucci Bag! or denim jacket with some cool patches and embroidery. Some of my mates have even started adding their own artwork to their clothes in the form of paint strokes and inimitable doodles. Perhaps it's a real thing that is gripping the fashion world (where everyone wants to look as "me" as possible), or perhaps my peers are just at the age where confidence in self and personal style is starting to reach its mountain top and we're all just sartorially growing up a bit, towards the final goal of peak personal style. 

Either way, I'm loving it. I'm loving looking at my friends, being surprised by them, inspired. 

It's very possible for an outfit to make my day.


photography: Refiloe Mokgele

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