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"Editorial work for FashSoc August Zine"

Dreamy, awkward suburban babes. Dreamy awkward suburban babes whose camera chemistry could make anyone believe that they've been part of a cul de sac gang since childhood. Megan, Damon, Hloni, Nandi and Hannah were thrown together by the group of FashSoc committee members who recognized and admired something special about them and their personal style.
That 'something special' radiated from each of them as shot after shot literally had Maymo and I jumping with excitement. Damon and Hannah looked like siblings about to start your newest favourite band. Hloni and Hannah, a pair of witches, while Megan and Nandi dared anyone to try them. And those are just the couple shots. I'm happy to report that the morning spent hunting for photogenic spaces and glaringly bright sunlight was well spent and each model literally had their moment in the sun.

I'm also happy to report on my newfound excitement behind the camera. I mean I have been taking pictures  for a small while now, but this was the first time I played photographer on set for a full group FashSoc shoot, which was initially scary as hell, but during and after- thrilling as hell.

Being able to conceptualise AND shoot an editorial saw me edging closer and closer to the ultimate goal of 'multifacted-fashion-person-ness' that I hope to achieve. None of which was possible without the eye of Tshiamo Ramano who was on set as co-creative director.

So yeah, feast your eyes on this photo story. Perhaps piece together some make believe narratives (I know I've made up a lottt of possible reasons why a group kids would be hanging out together in this setting). Apologies for the sketchy word to photo ratio-as a result of having too many "money shots" and a mild case of writer's block.

These images form part of the August FashSoc feature article- where we interviewed some of our inspiring friends.*


Creative direction: Tshiamo Ramano and Refiloe Mokgele
Photography: Refiloe Mokgele
Models: Damon Clark, Hloni Sepanya, Nandi Sekonya, Megan Roux and Hannah Human
The models styled themselves

*Full editorial on the FashSoc zine (click here)

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