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"The closet building chronicles"

This is an exciting time for me as I'm currently dealing with a backlog of editorial images I've shot, that I'm more than excited to reveal (soon soon!) The past couple of days have seen me thinking about nothing other than editorials and maths problems, leaving very little space for the whole personal style chat that usually consumes my brain on a 25 hourly basis.
This outfit and the pictures are like a snap back to reality and reminder of the fact that I'm still kind of on this sartorial quest- this quest to build my closet and edge closer and closer to the 'fashion person' I would like to be. I've thought about the fleeting nature of this, and probability that my 'fashion person' goal-post may shift significantly, and as quickly as we jump from trend to trend- but still. My idealistic self is adamant to find items that will add to or serve as the foundations for my closet's 'masterpiece' form.

Everything about this look is made up of things I've owned for a while, except two important components- The sheer shirt and (less obviously) my orange nail polish.

Ur gurl lovess wearing many many clothes and playing around with layers, so I was pretty excited to find something that was both striking and extremely versatile by way of the completely see through blouse. Haha I'm keen to hear what my mom thinks of this- but obvi way more keen to experiment with it's proportions and outfit possibilities. Even though it's almost nothing (it literally weighs nothing), it's an intriguing addition to outfit silhouette and slightly more 'delicate' choice for the gal who's usually into severe shapes and stuff defined as typically 'boyish'*. 

The apricot nail colour is one of my bucket list nail colours (still trying to find the perfect green). It's also significant in the sense that I've started to look at colours a little differently relative to the way society has shifted it's take on what pretty colours are. Trend wise, we're gradually veering away from 'harsh' or 'pure' shades of the rainbow with new muted variants taking their place. So a huge focus on  colours, yes- but largely influenced by Yeezy nude tones, Wes Anderson palettes and basically anything Solange would like. I don't know, I've always seen colours and liked them, but a couple of my friends like Louis and Maymo have really inspired me to consider them with a keener eye.

All in the hopes of one day walking into my wardrobe and being like "Damn, this is good".

Anyway. That's all for today folks. I have tons of uni work to get through. Look out for some of my photography work. 

Happy closet building. 

*gender norms are socially constructed so the inverted commas are defs there for a reason. 

Outfit details

Crop top: Topshop
Sheer shirt: Witchery at Woolworths
Culottes: Mr Price
Nail Colour: Apricot Kiss at Bodyshop


Photography: Jemma Richmond
Styling: Refiloe Mokgele

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