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 Comin' At Ya From The Corner Store Collabo Collection Launch

Woodstock based concept store, specializing in youth based, skate inspired clothing and serving as home to some cool Cape Town brands launched their newest capsule collection and lookbook on Friday. Sol-Sol and Young and Lazy joined forces to create some timeless pieces, combining both of their design aesthetics and print graphics. Sol-Sol's Destroy Today became Destroy Tomorrow, while the two brand names combined to form Young-Sol.

The clothes: Sticking to their unmatched formula of clean lines and highly jiggy, wearable basics, a collection made up of mostly t-shirts was presented. Basic white is elevated by witty brand combination print and the forever cool breton stripe is used on two of the longer sleeved shirts- one in black stripes, the other a shade of mustard that kinda gives me school yard, Recess vibes. Standard Cape Town Cool Kid outfit is completed with a loose leg, cropped chino and dark wash denim jacket. Every stitch perfect. Every detail upper ech.
'More is More' Fifi is taught a lesson or two about the art of minimalism and appreciation of simplicity as I come to realize the longevity of owning well made primary pieces that span a range of outfit possibilities. I'm reminded of Tyler the Creator's Golf range and proud of the fact that we are able to locally source brands that cater to the same market of people who appreciate well manufactured apparel that resonates with our specific youth culture, but can still compete internationally.

The lookbook: Took home some of the free post card style prints of the editorial used to introduce the collection, and again, all I can think of is how excited I am about the future of South African youth influenced fashion. The industry locally and internationally is renowned for its obsession with youth culture and 'what the kids are up to', seeing brands like Vetements skyrocketing to the top of street style wishlists and transforming the hoodie from humble to haute. It's thus rad (can you you even put 'thus' and 'rad' together?) to see South Africa's voice and story being told through our clothing and how we capture ourselves.  Ricardo Simal, the man behind the camera, captures a series of hyper-contrasted images, successfully materializing a context for the clothing. Industrial locations at night time and lots of "deer caught in headlights" shots further drive home the importance of the narrative and inherent culture that goes with the clothing we choose to wear and make. SA's stuff is out there. Our story is out there, and our images are an important depiction and record of our fashion culture.

 The Party: And so the fashun kids came together for a night of shopping, talking, selfie taking and occasional break dancing to 2009 Kid Cudi,

Box wine served in disposable coffee cups and arcade style video game in full operation- everything was as it should be.

The outfits depicted some serious brand loyalty and skate culture influence, so many double folded beanies, vans, cropped trousers and fannie packs were seen, as all members of the fashion subculture gathered at their proverbial watering hole on the corner of Sir Lowry Road.

Corner Store everybody.

Catch the rest of the lookbook images here.

Photography: me

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