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"Ain't a gambler but honey I'll put money on myself"

Fifi's Five has been dormant for almost a year now and I figured that Santigold would be the best means of its revival. I do this thing where I fall in love with a specific artist or band and then spend my days, nights, dreams listening to and and thinking about them in double serving giant scoops of deliciousness only. I literally won't listen to anything else until my ears ache with the music itis, and what better way to share my obsessions than on my website! So this (and many future Fifi's Fives) will serve as a clarion call to 'get with it' and start obsessing over the same stuff as me. I'm kidding. It will however serve as a platform of 'odes to' artists and films and other stuff that make me happy and you, hopefully, interested.

But enough.

Let's talk about Santigold.

As per my usual method of artist discovery and appreciation, I'll hear one or two of their songs on soundcloud or a movie or in my childhood or something, and forget about it.  Then I'll get bored one day, or reach the end of an engineering math homework playlist,with a sudden craving for new music. *Types random artist's name I faintly recall into Deezer* then bam! finds Santigold's entire discography.

Fifi's Five Reasons to listen to Santigold:

1: Santigold (Santi White) who is based in the US, combines pop, indie rock and reggae to create an uber fun M.I.A-esque genre of music that makes you wanna dance around your room in a t-shirt and knickers. Banshee, the third track on her latest album (99 Cents) is the quintessence of this. With soprano, girl gang, 'in your face' vocals and some African influenced percussion work, the really loud explosion of a song is essential to any 'solo dance party' playlist.

2: Her sound is eclectic and experimental, featuring collaborations with N.E.R.D, M.I.A, A$AP Rocky and ILOVEMAKONNEN to name a few. Her previous album was a little darker in contrast to the almost blinding sunshine of 99 Cents, but it's cool to see artists who are able to shift vibes and combine far apart elements, like doo-wop and subversion against consumerism, to create a unique sound (as seen on the gloriously pink and aptly named album cover).

3: Her song Girls was specifically written for and featured on the Girls (the show) soundtrack. Cool.

4: Santigold's music videos, like the one featured above, make you wish you were there partying with her. Again with the fun thing she does so damn well. The colours are sweet, the cute dancing at the end, I'm probably going to go try learn later. This one also featured a bunch of celebrity cameos from the likes of Alexander Wang and Pharrell. I don't know how it makes you feel, but I'm kinda inclined to err on the side of the Cool By Association Theory. Surely if Pharrell says you're cool- you definitely are?!

5: Her style is as fun as her music. Ranging from leopard printed, big-haired pin-up gal, to two-piece tracksuits reminiscent of like every Missy Eliott music video ever. She throws in a little punk influence, bad-bitch and lottts of vintage to create the multi-cultural smorgasbord of cool that she is. I love it when people don't follow rules and just wear whatever the hell they want.

If I had to combine all that I've been saying into a 3 word phrase to describe this gem of an artist it would defs be COOL AND FUN.

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