12:38 pm

"What are we doing here?"

Or should I say, what am I doing here?

I've maybe been staring at this computer screen for like an hour now. Trying to decide what to say. Do I describe this outfit using upper echelon descriptive words and metaphors? Go into intense detail about the way I love this specific shade of olive green and how much more I love my new wide leg pants, finishing off with some free advertising for TopShop and H&M as I go into how much I love their ability to provide for the youth market? Oh yes, don't forget the belt. I have to tell you about how I love its rustic aesthetic in contrast to my mother's distaste for its oldness. Is that what I do (or just did)?  Blogger Girl Dafifz bringing you the freshest, coolest, most original outfit descriptions!

Is that what blogging is essentially about, and if so, have I then mistakenly trekked along the wrong path for about a year now in my desperate search for a creative fashion outlet?

What even is blogggggingg??? What does it mean? Is it even relevant anymore? Why am I still typing? 

All Zuri is very definitely going through a morbid existential crisis...

Me at Menswear Fashion week.
Photography by Jemma Richmond

But there has to be a reason.

There has to be a reason why daily, maybe hourly, a new kid steps on the scene with a laptop and a dream. There has to be a reason why we worship the blog gods and goddesses of SA and abroad, why we write, wake up early on Sunday mornings to pose for and take pictures, have that continuous buzz in our heads-that idea buzz. And that reason has got to extend further than wanting to become famous.

I know I started All Zuri to serve as a body for my creative works, my ideas, my outfits and opinions- in the hopes that it would essentially become my favourite place to hang out on the internet, my very own tangible reflection of self and hopefully a way for other kids to see the world through my eyes. I guess I was just beginning to forget while simultaneously having my vision blurred by the gross 'blogger' culture that was slowly but surely making me hate my craft.

I'm therefore deciding that the only way to get out of this colossal rut is to start digging (or start typing I guess) in the hopes that my creative epiphany will strike me soon enough. I can feel it though. Patiently brewing at the back of brain and tingling at the tips of my fingers. 

I just have to keep going.

Outfit Details: 
Pants- H&M
Top- TopShop
Kicks- Nike
Belt, glasses and bag- Vintage

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