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"Find It."

Whether it's painting, photography, dressing cool or writing into the abyss. Or a combination of a couple of these... There's some things that separate us from our animal counterparts, and creative expression is one of my most highly valued. The ability to absorb from around you and give back. To see and give other people something to see. It's extraordinarily cool.

It's also a coping mechanism. A way to get cash. A bunch of other things for a couple people.  

One thing it's not though, is limited to our friend's over at Hiddingh Campus. Although I will always admire the bravery, passion and brilliant work of art school students, my admiration also extends its tendrils to many of my other peers who have found their outlet- their mode of expression- in the confines of 'not so creative' fields of study.

To list a couple:

I know some

Full time Engineering, Architecture, Property Studies, Computer Science, Commerce students who are also part time:
music makers

I'm going to stop coz I guess that's why the whole Cool Kids section of my blog was created lol.
I just get super happy when I discover another kid who's adding to the body of creative work in the universe.

So that's my one point. Creativity is limited to no-one.

Second point.

Creativity is also not limited to formal modes of art.

The way I see it, you don't necessarily need to possess a pallet, black beret and easel to be considered a creative. I know a lot of people (including self) who use clothing as their main form of expression. I know people who use their hair and make-up. Technological advancements have a allowed us to express ourselves through insta and snapchat curation. There is just so much. The whole concept of blogging was based off of outward expression of internal thought and look how that blew up. It's a career now.

Only thing is now choosing your niche, and that's one of my constant internal battles. It's also something a few of my friends also grapple with. So zero answers there.

What I do know though is that an outlet is necessary for survival. It may not even be a creative outlet- lol I just have a v strong bias for those. It could be tennis!

I just thank All Zuri and my closet for serving as mine... and any future outlets I may discover.

Photography by Jemma Richmond
Head to toe beige-ing it in some borrowed pants. Was initially skeptical of the success possibilities of this getup. But I dig it.

Outfit Details:
bandana- (bought for R10 on the street)
shirt- H&M
chinos- (friend's cupboard)

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