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8:48 pm

  "Raincoat on Sun gone" 

This is a post about a raincoat and the many layers that went into sculpting this weirdly proportioned outfit...

It's my last day's grace until the commencement of my exam study schedule. I've had a few days to myself to wake up at noon and indulge in sushi, cheesecake and vintage shopping (yes clothes are food). Expect a piece on my purchases soonish, but I won't make any promises about the 'soon' part hence that whole examination sitch we just discussed.  
I'm trying to think of what I'd like to talk about... The most important aspect of my outfit is as a result of the weather, and a discussion on meteorology isn't exactly my idea of interesting. The only thing I can say about this raincoat (purchased for me from the school uniform section of Woolworths) is that it's from the school uniform section of Woolworths, lol...

Why oh why did you post if you had nothing to say, Fifi?

I'll tell you why. After about 4 minutes of thinking, I've come to the conclusion that I blog in order to maintain some sense of sanity in my otherwise borderline monotonous life. This blogging thing serves as a bit of a creative release. I get to stare at my cupboard for a few minutes and paint a mental picture of weird combinations of clothing I have in my head, before trying them on, turning around and staring at the mirror and then trying to convince myself that I don't look crazy. Taking fashion risks and trying out my own interpretations of trends is hella fun. Also I can write a bit, which is not something I do that often.
It's difficult to try and maintain the whole 'jack of all traits' vibe that was basically forced upon us during high school, but I do believe it's necessary to try one's best. I love the idea of  being an engineering student (possibly UCT's least fashionable faculty), and being a semi-active blogger at the same time.
Haha the pathetic drizzle and grey clouds call for a more pensive attitude about life, as well as stereotypically dark attire. I decided to play with exaggerated proportions combined with emphasis placed on interesting textures. All of the chill repellent layers of clothing were tied together with my trusty Trenery belt- I mean like how else do you make a giant raincoat look cool. The T-shirt is also from Trenery. I went there the other day and almost cried due to the absence of my mom (and her wallet). Boots and jeans are from TopShop and the Zara leather jacket was a birthday present from my aunt.
This outfit demonstrates that not all hope is lost when the skies decide to cry. It is indeed possible to dress for cold weather without wearing a military green parka. I also happen to own one but I'm just saying that there are other options.

To sum up this one woman conversation:
It's raining and I've been eating a lot of yum food.
I have a raincoat.
Try to expand your horizons and do stuff that's different to what you do everyday.
Green parkas are becoming tres boring.
Anyway. that's about all I have to say at the moment.  I hope the studying's going well for all the students who are writing soon.

photographs by: Jemma Richmond www.plainoldglasses.wordpress.com

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